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3...2...1...Photo Booth?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

If you were from the future and told me a year ago I would be offering a Photo Booth as an add-on for weddings, I woulda told you to get back in your DeLorean and go invent Google.

But it turns out, you're not that crazy.

I recently got into the Photo Booth biz.


Well, I saw an opportunity come up and jumped on it. Which...might not be the best reason, but so far, it's worked for me.

While at The Wedding Guys Twin Cities Bridal Fair in January, I had a few people ask me for the first time if I had one. Hmmm. No biggie. Move on.

Then I got an email from a client I just booked and she also asked if I had a photo booth, and because I didn't, I had to send them to a friend of mine that rents them out.

Now it feels like I might not only be missing something that is desired by clients, but was also leaving money on the table.

I'm the type of person that if I get an itch, I have to scratch it. This was also true when I had the chicken pox as a kid.

I turned to the internet and jumped head first into the photo booth world.

Something I knew nothing about.

But I was still hesitant about about getting one.


Oh man, so many reasons:

  1. The printer gets jammed

  2. Props get broken

  3. Longer set-up time

  4. The printer gets jammed

  5. No one is using it

  6. I have to stop mixing music because the damn printer is jammed!

If I was going to do this, I had to find one that aligned with my philosophy: Keep it simple

Maybe there was something better out there that avoided those issues?


Next, I looked into social booths. These are similar to the photo booth, the big difference is it creates more of a selfie vibe. I liked this idea.

While researching the hardware I came across several of do I say this...

Well..I'll just say it. The cheap-o-booth: iPad on a mic stand with a ring light taped to it.

I'm not showing up to a wedding with one of those. Not after I charged people money for it.

Alright, let's check out the swanky versions. High end baby.

I visited like 2 sights and ran away fast.

While I respect luxury items, I didn't want to spend the price of a car on a photo booth.

And then, I found it.

I watched a few other DJ's talk about them and I was immediately excited.


Ok, right off the bat, I loved the design. Sleek, slim, and sexy. The build looked high in quality with an easy assembly approach.

The app was intuitive, packed with features, and frequently updated. I look at apps to see how long it has been since the latest update. I don't want to get involved with abandonware.

But all that good stuff wasn't the deal maker for me.

It was.....the case.

I'll back up. Even as a kid, I loved things that came in cases. I literally (and not making this up) wanted to play the clarinet as a kid because of the case.

Ok, it's not really the case, but how small and compact this booth gets. I'm a single op DJ and I don't take an assistant with me when I go out. That means that everything I bring, I carry myself. Having something light weight and easy to move around was key in my decision. There are no other booths out there that get this compact.


Let's get into those features.


Sets up in minutes. It uses an iPad (sold separately) and the hardware has a built in fan to keep it from over heating. They have several different faceplates that you can choose from to fit your iPad. I would suggest using one with no home button. 3rd generation pro and up.

The led ring around it is completely customizable to create different patterns, colors and looks. What I liked about this feature, was that it creates this buzz about the booth all night. You can't help but notice this thing. And that is what the clients want. They want their guests interacting and having fun with the booth.

One of the reasons I was against getting a booth, is that I would see other versions just sit in the back without anyone really using them.

The Salsa Booth just screams "come play with me".


Salsa comes with an app that requires a monthly subscription (free monthly trial is available). The event can be edited right from the app or by using their web app. I like using apps, but I want to be able to login on my computer and make adjustments, edits and more. So the fact that they offer that as well is a HUGE plus.

As a user, the booth needs no tutorial. Simply walk up, tap to start and follow the easy on screen instructions. When your picture, gif (hard g), boomerang or video is done, simply share it to yourself via text, email or if you have no wifi - airdrop or QR code.

Every picuture taken is added to the Live Gallery where guests can see who and what pics have been taken. You can customize the url, branding and even more on this page so that couples or clients have something fun to keep.


I am approaching the price as I did when I first started out. I did some market research to see what these booths were going for. What I noticed was an immediate advantage as a DJ having one. I don't have to charge by the hour because the booth comes with me, and I am there from ceremony till last song, so they get the booth all night long. And because it is so portable, I can move it around.

Let's say cocktail hour is going on and the bridal party is hanging in the green room. I can bring this in there and let them take pictures together. Or set it right outside the ceremony area.

Lot's of options.

I priced it moderately to begin with. With anything, finding that sweet spot is a bit of research, trial and error, and delivering a quality product. After my first year, I may re-approach the price. But for now, for a wedding, it's $500 for the night.

If you are a DJ or someone interested in adding a photo booth as an add-on or side hustle, let me know.

Send any questions you may have in the comments and feel free to check out the Salsa Photo Booth here:

I also do a demo on Instagram on how to use it HERE


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